Work Hard(er)

Do you work hard?

Yes! Of course you do. Most everyone does.

Do you do work at home?

Sure, lots of people do. I do too. Unlike some, I don’t bring work home from my day job. In fact, the work that I do at home has little to do in relation to my day job. Personally, I have several potential income streams that I can utilize if and when I choose or need to. I run an eBay store selling collectable cards and occasional computer parts, I build web sites/apps, I can build and fix computers, and I make a great chili (At least IMHO. OK, I don’t sell my chili). I’m usually eager to use and expand my skills in my particular areas of interest and expertiece. I use my skills to create efficiency for myelf. For example, I have been able to blend my eBay ‘skills’ and coding skills to creating a ‘program’ that helps me to create an eBay listing in two or three minutes instead of five to fifteen minutes that it once took. Even if I had to work with someone else or even pay someone else to do this for me, it would have more than paid for itself. Over the past four to six years since I had kids, I’ve been able to put far less time into selling things and doing other work, but I am able to do a bit here and there (not zero, but pretty close). Just this year, selling cards has enabled me to pay off $6k+ in debt that I otherwise would not have been able to (my day job money is earmarked for the family budget). I’ve also padded the household budget when we ran into a few tight spots. The extra work does make for a few late nights here and there, but those are few and far between. Overall, I put in a handful of hours a week into the side work. The ROI of my efforts compared to the debt relief is more than worth the additional hours that I put in. I could do much, much more side work than I currently do. It would pay immense dividends and get me out of debt and into saving for FI much more than I am currently able to. I have a long way to go, but working hard(er) is definitely helping!

Do you do any side work or have any other income streams? Sound off in the comments!

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