Investing is how the rich get that way.

I was listening to a podcast episode of Listen, Money Matters called 21 Reasons You’re Broke.  One of many that really stuck out to me was the 18th reason that you’re broke.

You’re broke because:
“You don’t invest or pay yourself first.  Investing is how the rich get that way.  If you don’t pay yourself first, you won’t have anything to invest.”

Cutting expenses is fine and good, but not doing the best thing possible with the ‘saved’ money is a big no-no.  The entire reason for cutting expenses is to use that money for saving and investing (or paying off debt quicker).  Personally, I’m still on the point of paying off debt and am doing a pretty decent job, but as of late, motivation and impulse buys have been a slight distraction for me.  If I see that I am getting distracted, I must seek motivation.  This motivation reminds me of my goals and that I need to act now in order to meet them.  The motivation that I use is reading blog posts & articles, and listening to podcasts that give ideas, advice or basically reinforce what I’m doing.  Simply reading about or hearing about what others are doing or have done gets me pumped up to do the next step and get back on what is going to be a long road to my goal of ‘retiring’ around 48 years of age.

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