On Minimalism

Currently, I am not what I would call am minimalist.  I do like to think that way, but personally and as a family, far too much stuff is contained within the walls of our house (and outside of it).  Much of the ‘stuff’ is my own, much of it is the family’s, much of it is toys, much of it is simply stuff we rarely, if ever use.

Yesterday, I began to pare down my work / dress shirts.  I removed about ten shirts from the ranks along with at least two sweaters.  I have far too many.  I will continue remove shirts from my closet until I could fit my pants and shirts on one section.  Currently, only the shirts very tightly fitting in one approximately three to four foot section with a few shirts being excluded.  The pants hang in the section below.

I will do the same with my beloved t-shirts as well.  Two plus drawers full are more than enough to wear.  I can’t wear them at work (though I do typically wear one under my work shirt).  The main times that I wear t-shirts are occasionally after work and on the weekends.  If I were to guess at the number of shirts that I currently own, I’d say that it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 50-75.  That is simply far too many.  I’d like to whittle it down to maybe 40.  In my defense, I do typically wear two shirts at a time, so that allows for a few more shirts than what one may typically own.  I used to wear nearly exclusively size large shirts, but now prefer a medium, though a small can fit slightly snugly.

Before all of this on the list would be to decrease the number of Magic cards that I own.  That will be an ongoing item on my list to decrease the number of items that I own (currently in the ballpark of 150,000 – 200,000+).

Another similar thing would be books.  I have many, many books and could likely stand to get rid of several of them.  I don’t know the best way to do this as I don’t really just want to recycle them as paper products.  Of the books that I own, many are textbooks, but are likely far beyond any usefulness to current students.  I do like to keep them around for reference, but I have obviously not touched them in a long time and the internet is a fine reference, so the books are left untouched.

The last big thing on the list is computer related items.  I have several computer cases (with and without the ‘guts’ of computers inside.  I also have several other computer components and related computer stuff strewn about.  I did do a massive computer recycling before moving from our old house about a year ago, but I still held onto several things and have accumulated one or two additional computers since then.  I may take the time to revamp one or two of the computers, but doing so may not be worth the effort.  I should simply take in at least one new round of computer recycling stuff to get rid of most of the items.  I can do that at any time, so this would be the easiest and quickest way to free up space and decrease clutter.  I think that this will be the next area to tackle after the closet.

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